Phylliida's Portfolio

Open source minecraft-like engine

Open source, made in Unity C#

Heavily optimized to render large number of blocks

Uses a "cublic chunks" system so the world can be "infinite" on the y axis as well

Supports custom block models, textures, and logic

Has a 3D pathfinding system that works over hundreds of blocks

Seperate sky and block light system so no lighting updates are needed at night

Low lighting is meant to be similar to how humans see more blues in low lighthing

Uses real time raycasting ran in a compute shader to render fractals at 90fps in VR

Released on Steam and Oculus Home

A 3D Falling Sand/Powder Toy type game in Virtual Reality

Required very heavy optimization to get it working fast enough for VR

Released on Steam and Oculus Home

A program in VR that lets you have as many virtual monitors as you want.

My first self published software project, released on Steam

Was made redundant by better alternatives so I open sourced it

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Web Programming Experiments:

Go, except you can make new pieces
Factory building/esolang prototypes
Reaction Diffusion Simulation
Web Based Pokemon Go like ARG (unfinished)
Cube World toy, except on the web (unfinished)
Web interface to Sympy (tool similar to Wolfram)
Tool to help you read stuff quickly
Force based dot editor using d3
Emulate linux in browser to run ffmpeg

Programming Projects

A Unity Matrix Utility Library
The very rudimentary physics engine I wrote for proclife
An open source windows capture library (for use in Unity)
Very basic javascript library for making Pokemon Go type games
Library that lets applications visualize any sound the user is playing to their speakers, used in Chroma Lab
Open Source minecraft type engine, written in C# and Unity
VR mirror box prototype (supposedly helps with phantom limb pain)
Open source peer-to-peer drawing app in VR
Coming soon: My mario kart racing clone I made in high school (I finally found the old code for it!)
A 3D robot creator I made in high school (2011)
My first game called Fish and Chips